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Braided And Twisted Ropes

Braided Seleflex
Treccia seleflex
Polypropylene High Tenacity Braided Multifilament - 22 Colours And Many Combinations - High Quality - Lightness - Resistance - High Ratios Quality/Price And Cheap/Meter. Diameters Mm 2,5 - 32.
Braided Ecodine
Treccia Ecodine
Polyester Braided Textile - High Tenacity - Sunlight Resistance - 16 Plaits With Core - Only Natural White And sevaral Colours. Diameters Mm 5 - 32.
Seleflex Ropepolypropylene
Corda seleflex
Polypropylene Multifilament Rope - High Tenacity - 3 Strands - 22 Colours - High Quality, Lightness, Resistance - Best Ratio Quality/Price Diameters Mm 3 - 50.
Polyester T.N. Rope
Corda pol T.N.
Polyester Textile Tenacity Rope - 3 Strands - Sunlight Resistance - Only Natural White Or Black Colours. Diameters Mm 3 - 50.

3-Ply Twines

Seleflex Twine
Tortiglia seleflex
Polypropylene High Tenacity Multifilament Twine - Titles Den 210/12-15-18-24-20-36-48-60-72-90 - 22 Colours By Request - Put On 50-100-250-500-2000 Grs Bobbins In Plastic Shrink.
Selene Twine
Tortiglia selene
Polyethylene Hd Monofilament Twine - Titles Den 2x3 Á 30x3 Ends - Diameters Mm 0,28 Each End - Standard Colours : Natural White Or Green - Other Colours By Request.

Belts - Monofilament Of Nylon - Wrapping Twines

Linea - Rolling Blind Belt
Cintino linea
Seleflex Belt Wide Mm21 - Double Face Grey/Hazel Colour - Central Died Flag Or Natural White With Or Without Dyed Edges - Put On 50 Mts Rolls Or 5,5/7,5 Mts Hanks In Lastic Shrink.
Nylon Monofilament
Monofilo nylon orientato
For Vineyards And Orchards Instead Iron Wire Thatdamages The Plants - Only Natural White Or Black Colours - Put On 3/15 Kg Coils In Plastic Shrink. Diameters Mm 1,8-2-2,2-2,5-3,-3,2.
Meraflex Wrapping Twine
Spago meraflex
Polypropylene Split Film Twine For Packing Or Agricultural Workings - Natural White Colour - Titles: Meters/Kilo 600-800 - Put On 2/5 Kgs Bobbins In Plastic Shrink (With Or Ithout Cardboard Tube).


Polypropylene multifilament yarn Seleflex
Filati polipropilene Seleflex
range of Denier: 840 - 1.000 - 1.200 - 1.500 . 1680 - 2.000 - 2.400. available in 22 different colors. cylindrical bobbins of about 9 kg - intermingled or twisted
Our products ara available in three type of packagings: Bobine, Rocche Flangiate e Rotoli. Click here for details.
Our products are available in four designs, valid for all materials. Click here for details.
Our products are available in 22 colors. Click here for details.
Technical Specifications
You can read technical specifications for ropes with 3 and 4 strands. Remember that the braids have a btensile strength of approximately 70% of that of the cords. Click here for details.
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