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Where we are

Plunged in the greenery of the Altavilla Silentina (Sa) hilly regions, SLAICORD lets see, who visits it, all its regular arrangement in its 5.402mq of lot, covered by offices and works, and in its 10.482mq of uncovered surface, in which streets, squares and 10.000mq of green area branch off.
So, the establishment lets us breathe the old tradition for the hospitality, for the details of the furnishings in the offices, for the natural scenery of the surroundings, and the best modernization of its systems and its techniques in the works, too.
These two characteristics give effects of surprise for how the one well wed with the other.
We can check these qualities of certain oneness in the detailed lists of the finished products.
The offices extend for 620mq, they are subdivided in MANAGERIAL AREA - TECHNICAL AREA - ADMISTRATIVE AREA and they have efficient welfare works and sanitary measures.
The establishments occupy a surface of 4782mq, they have a fire system and various precautionary measures and they are placed in:

  • 2 modern masonry sheds with the reinforced-concrete vaults; they are well illuminated and aerated; they have antiskid floors, sound-absorbent panels hung on the ceiling and large sliding doors;
  • 1 electrical cabin for the conversion of the 425KW power into 20.000/380 volt with the enclosed 300KW electrical continuity set; - 1 workshop for the small servicing.

I nostri indirizzi
Offices and Establishment are in
via Cavour
84023 Carillia di Altavilla Silentina (Sa)
Tel. 0828/987141
Fax: 0828/987142
Come arrivare

By train:
The nearest and convenient station is Battipaglia (SA), along the direction Roma-ReggioCalabria.

By car:
Turn into A3 superhighway, exit to tollgate of Eboli (SA), direction Paestum. After 7 Km, divert on the left for Altavilla Silentina, Persano, Borgo Carillia, then go always straight on until BORGO CARILLIA centre.

By bus:
Public bus services, direction Altavilla Silentina-Salerno, have connections to Salerno (6 daily drives in the summer period and 6 winter period) and connections to Altavilla-Silentina (4 daily drives in the summer period and 4 in the winter period).

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