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SLAICORD: REALITY SINCE 1958 OUR HISTORY SLAICORD s.r.l. starts on its manufacture in 1958, going by the name of S.L.A.I.. (Società Lavorazioni Agricole Industriali) proposing their own patents of filtering canvases to the international market for the modified requirements of the chemical-pharmaceutical industries, food industries, ceramics.

They immediately acquire the prestigious business groups such as Miralanza, Eridania, Knorr, Zambeletti Antinori, Star, Rumianca etc.

The constant evolution and the everlasting innovation in the products and in the process that, the whole of today, characterize the Unit, make it possible for it to get the market of the ropes, to impose itself as leading industry in the synthetic product section and to contribute effectively to the replacement of the natural product which is less technical and reliable than the synthetic one and it is liable to putrescence.

Nautical science, fishing and navy wed the new products at once. Furnishing and other industry sectors are added as time goes by.

The trained managerial capacity and the proverbial quality make it possible for SLAICORD to introduce itself in the notoriously very exigent European market and to impose own standard for the multifilament yarns and the synthetic monofilaments, achieving those countries like Spain, Portugal, France, England, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, etc., as to which non-European market are added, besides the above-mentioned Mediterranean Basin: Pakistan, Australia, Argentina.

The Unit stretches itself from time immemorial to the research and the development of still more advanced technologies to adopt throughout all the production cycle which always classify the unit as first for the high quality of its products realized by the innovative methods and experimental technologies.

The 1980 seismic event could be an inciting cause of a bad braking for the expansion of the national demand and so it could compel a reorganization of the production cycle. SLAICORD has obviated to this reorganization applying an appropriate programme for the investments in new technologically advanced machineries and in a respective vocational training to use those.

Therefore, at the entry of the new millennium, SLAICORD operates on this sector as a protagonist an it is looked upon a reality in the van, thanks to its modern industrial structures and its unique in the world high-tech system for oriented polyester yarns made by SCREPS of before/after used up bottles and at the present, the realization of a new high-tech system with SLAICORD 100% technology is in progress in the technical branch with the new "ECODINE" products that respect the habitat and the ecological laws.

Today, the unit is specialized in the nautical sector in which it has an awfully image and it is present at the International Nautical Show of Genoa-Italy (Palasport, Stand n°515).

Well, for 40 years, the unit ensures the best guarantee of reliability for all range of its production thanks to, as we have read, the high-tech systems and also to the precise checks which supervise the product during the whole of the working stroke. The customer service is the buttonhole and the exclusive boast for the technical and qualified competence for the advice and the assistance before and after selling.

Excellent quality, best reliability, leadership for technological systems, determination and preparation of the executive staff: this is the winning remedy of SLAICORD.



The output occurs through machineries in most modern conceiving that have advanced safety rule systems and are so setting up:
-2 automatic high speed lines for the vertical spinning set on spinning tower created for the production of polypropylene, nylon and polyester (coloured, too) multifilament yarns.
-2 lines for the horizontal spinning for extrusion and continuous drawing-frames to produce oriented polypropylenic, polyethylene HD and nylon yarns.
-7 vertical ringed throwing-mills composed by 236 spindles.
-6 lines for cord-making to 60 millimetres in diameter.
-100 plaiting machines to 32 millimetres in diameter.
-Accessorial service machinery, test laboratory, winding, motion, packing and maintenance.


The production cycle sees trough 6 strokes:



The unit buys in Italy the synthetic resins (polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon) as granules called "chips". These are put into the extruders where they are melted and extruded by suitable draw-plates to obtain oriented multifilament yarns and continuous mono-yarns.
Slaicord has set right on its owns technology the products named ECODINE obtained by the ecological retrieval of the plastic exhausted bottles.
The multifilament yarns, produced by 2 vertical automatic high speed lines, are gathered in spools without knot with 10 Kg of capacity and, by request, they are twisted on the special double torsion twisted-winder of modern conceiving.
The mono-yarns are gathered on the cops with about 4 Kg of capacity or in books on the spools with about 30 Kg of capacity.


The multifilament yarns and the mono-yarns are arranged in couples, then they are twisted and doubled on various throwing-mills, 9 of which are horizontal heavy mono-spindles with double torsion, 3 are vertical ringed with 60+32+24 spindles each and 2 are vertical automatic ringed for twisting and doubling with 60±60 spindles each.


The twisted yarns (as occasion may require) are changed into plain or howsered ropes with 3 or 4 strands (from 30 to 60 millimetres in diameter), passing across 6 cord-making lines that are singly composed by strand-makers or draw-benches and related rope-makers.


Some twisted and doubled yarns are processed by the plaiting machines (100 heads with 16 and 24 spindles each) from 2 to 32 mm in diameters and they are equipped with 7 automatic bobbin-winders with 2 heads each. The foxes and the ropes are wound on forged spools by a special, automatic, ultra rapid winder projected with a new conception of predisposed electronic controls.


The twines are wound on cylindrical tubes 5 automatic and 7 semi-automatic winders; the multifilament yarns are twisted on the special double torsion twisted-winder into cylindrical bobbins of about 7 Kg.


The above mentioned twisting bobbins or spools are sheltered by thermo retractable films with 2 tunnelled packing machines (1 of which is automatic) and then they are packed or bladed so they are ready for the forwarding. Moreover, numerous by-hand undercarriages, electric undercarriages for the movement round the storehouse and 1 service lift for loads on lorries are available.

Le personnel supérieur
Eng. Raimondo Campus
Born in Cagliari on the 28rd of October 1918
Eng. Cesare Campus
Born in Salerno on the 2th of June 1958
Dr. Giuliana Campus
Born in Naples on the 24rd of January 1956
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